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friendly reminder for Friday’s film

fellow film fans

On Friday evening the Pasadena Film Society will be presenting George Cukor’s classic 1964 musical "My Fair Lady". I gotta say that my preconceptions as to the character and theme of this film underwent an abrupt reappraisal after watching some clips and reading some reviews. In particular, see Ebert’s review HERE. As well as the famous musicals Cukor directed (for example "A Star Is Born" ) he also directed "Born Yesterday", "It Should Happen To You" and other comedic criticisms of the social sensibilities of his times. So, with dialogue by Lerner and a background of Shaw’s original criticism, one should suspect this funny and clever musical is more than it appears to be. Besides an analysis of the trappings of social class, let me just end this reminder with a quote from Ebert. "If Henry will teach Eliza to improve her speech, she will try to teach him decency and awaken his better nature." My question to you is, is this film somehow faithful to Shaw’s "Pygmalion"?

As with previous screenings, our films begin at 7 pm. And as usual, showings are located at the Fairmont branch of the Pasadena Library. (Phone reservations at 832-598-4191 will guarentee you a seat.) So please join us for this clever and enjoyable musical followed by snacks and discussion, all for free.


Please reply "Lamp" if you read this. Thank you!

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