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Bible4 ‘Never did a man speak, as this man’

The Proclamation of John the Herald – Chapter 7

1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee, for he would not walk in Judaea, because the Jews sought to slay him.

2 And the Jewish feast of tabernacles drew near.
3 And the brothers of Jesus said to him:
Leave here, and go into Judaea; that thy disciples may see the works thou doest.
4 For there is no one who doeth any thing in secret, while he wisheth to become public. If thou doest these things, show thyself to the world.
5 For even his brothers did not believe in Jesus.
6 Jesus said to them:
My time hath not yet come:
but your time is always ready.
7 The world cannot hate you, but me it hateth; because I testify of it, that its deeds are evil.
8 Go ye up to the feast; I do not go up to this feast now, because my time is not yet completed.
9 These things he said, and remained still in Galilee.
10 But when his brothers had gone up to the feast, then he also went up, not openly, but as it were secretly.
11 And the Jews sought for him at the feast; and they said, Where is he?
12 And there was much altercation among the people respecting him; for some said, He is a good man; while others said, No, but he deceiveth the people.
13 Yet no one spoke openly of him, from fear of the Jews.
14 And in the midst of the days of the feast, Jesus went into the temple, and taught.
15 And the Jews wondered, and said:
How knoweth this man literature, having not been educated?
16 Jesus answered and said:
My doctrine is not from me, but from him that sent me.
17 He that wisheth to do his pleasure, will understand my doctrine, whether it is from God, or whether I speak from my own pleasure.
18 He that speaketh according to the pleasure of his own mind, seeketh glory for himself: but he who seeketh the glory of him that sent him, is veracious, and evil is not in his heart.
19 Did not Moses give you the law? Yet no one of you observeth the law.
20 Why do ye seek to kill me?
The multitude answered and said:
Thou hast a demon:
who seeketh to kill thee?
21 Jesus replied, and said to them:
I have wrought one work, and ye all wonder.
22 Because Moses gave you circumcision, (not that it was from Moses, but it was from the fathers,) ye circumcise a child on the sabbath.
23 And if a child is circumcised on the sabbath day, that the law of Moses may not be violated, do ye murmur at me, because I have made a man entirely sound on the sabbath day ?
24 Judge not, with a respect for persons; but judge ye a righteous judgment.
25 And some from Jerusalem said:
Is not this he, whom they seek to kill?
26 And lo, he discourseth publicly, and they say nothing to him. Do our Elders know, that he really is the Messiah ?
27 Yet we know this man, whence he is; the Messiah, when he shall come, no one knoweth whence he is.
28 And Jesus, while teaching in the temple, raised his voice and said:
Ye both know me, and ye know from whence I am. And I did not come of my own accord; but he that sent me is true. Him ye know not;
29 but I know him; because I am from him, and he sent me.
30 And they sought to apprehend him; but no one laid hands on him, because his hour was not yet come.
31 And many of the multitude believed on him, and said:
When the Messiah cometh, will he work greater signs than these which this man doeth ?
32 And the Pharisees heard the multitude say these things of him:
and they and the chief priests sent constables to take him.
33 And Jesus said:
A little while longer I am with you, and then I go to him that sent me.
34 And ye will seek me, and will not find me; and where I am, ye cannot come.
35 The Jews said among themselves:
Whither is he about to go, that we cannot find him? Will he go to some region of the Gentiles, and teach the profane?
36 What means this speech he uttered:
Ye will seek me, and will not find me; and where I am, ye cannot come?
37 And on the great day, which was the last of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, and said:
If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink.
38 Whoever believeth in me, as the scriptures have said, Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.
39 (This he said of the Spirit, which they who believe in him were to receive:
for the Spirit had not yet been given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.)
40 And many of the multitude who heard his discourses, said:
Certainly, he is a prophet.
41 Others said:
He is the Messiah.
Others said:
Doth Messiah come from Galilee?
42 Doth not the scriptures say, That Messiah cometh of the seed of David, and from Bethlehem the town of David ?
43 And there was a division among the multitude respecting him.
44 And there were some of them who wished to apprehend him. But no one laid hands on him.
45 And the constables came to the chief priests and Pharisees; and the priests said to them:
Why have ye not brought him?
46 The constables say to them:
Never did a man speak, as this man speaketh.
47 The Pharisees said to them:
Are ye also deceived?
48 Have any of the chiefs, or of the Pharisees, believed in him?
49 But this people, who know not the law, are accursed.
50 One of them:
Nicodemus, he who came to Jesus by night, said to them:
51 Doth our law condemn a man, unless it first hear him, and know what he hath done ?
52 They answered, and said to him:
Art thou also from Galilee ? Search, and see, that no prophet ariseth from Galilee.
53 So they went every one to his own house. *

* This 53d verse is wanting in many early editions of the Syriac N. Testament. So also the whole story of the adulteress, in the following chapter, v. 1-11.

1 Maccabees 9 KJVA

1 Furthermore, when Demetrius heard the Nicanor and his host were slain in battle, he sent Bacchides and Alcimus into the land of Judea the second time, and with them the chief strength of his host:
2 Who went forth by the way that leadeth to Galgala, and pitched their tents before Masaloth, which is in Arbela, and after they had won it, they slew much people.
3 Also the first month of the hundred fifty and second year they encamped before Jerusalem:
4 From whence they removed, and went to Berea, with twenty thousand footmen and two thousand horsemen.
5 Now Judas had pitched his tents at Eleasa, and three thousand chosen men with him:
6 Who seeing the multitude of the other army to he so great were sore afraid; whereupon many conveyed themselves out of the host, insomuch as abode of them no more but eight hundred men.
7 When Judas therefore saw that his host slipt away, and that the battle pressed upon him, he was sore troubled in mind, and much distressed, for that he had no time to gather them together.
8 Nevertheless unto them that remained he said, Let us arise and go up against our enemies, if peradventure we may be able to fight with them.
9 But they dehorted him, saying, We shall never be able: let us now rather save our lives, and hereafter we will return with our brethren, and fight against them: for we are but few.
10 Then Judas said, God forbid that I should do this thing, and flee away from them: if our time be come, let us die manfully for our brethren, and let us not stain our honour.
11 With that the host of Bacchides removed out of their tents, and stood over against them, their horsemen being divided into two troops, and their slingers and archers going before the host and they that marched in the foreward were all mighty men.
12 As for Bacchides, he was in the right wing: so the host drew near on the two parts, and sounded their trumpets.
13 They also of Judas’ side, even they sounded their trumpets also, so that the earth shook at the noise of the armies, and the battle continued from morning till night.
14 Now when Judas perceived that Bacchides and the strength of his army were on the right side, he took with him all the hardy men,
15 Who discomfited the right wing, and pursued them unto the mount Azotus.
16 But when they of the left wing saw that they of the right wing were discomfited, they followed upon Judas and those that were with him hard at the heels from behind:
17 Whereupon there was a sore battle, insomuch as many were slain on both parts.
18 Judas also was killed, and the remnant fled.
19 Then Jonathan and Simon took Judas their brother, and buried him in the sepulchre of his fathers in Modin.
20 Moreover they bewailed him, and all Israel made great lamentation for him, and mourned many days, saying,
21 How is the valiant man fallen, that delivered Israel!
22 As for the other things concerning Judas and his wars, and the noble acts which he did, and his greatness, they are not written: for they were very many.
23 Now after the death of Judas the wicked began to put forth their heads in all the coasts of Israel, and there arose up all such as wrought iniquity.
24 In those days also was there a very great famine, by reason whereof the country revolted, and went with them.
25 Then Bacchides chose the wicked men, and made them lords of the country.
26 And they made enquiry and search for Judas’ friends, and brought them unto Bacchides, who took vengeance of them, and used them despitefully.
27 So was there a great affliction in Israel, the like whereof was not since the time that a prophet was not seen among them.
28 For this cause all Judas’ friends came together, and said unto Jonathan,
29 Since thy brother Judas died, we have no man like him to go forth against our enemies, and Bacchides, and against them of our nation that are adversaries to us.
30 Now therefore we have chosen thee this day to be our prince and captain in his stead, that thou mayest fight our battles.
31 Upon this Jonathan took the governance upon him at that time, and rose up instead of his brother Judas.
32 But when Bacchides gat knowledge thereof, he sought for to slay him
33 Then Jonathan, and Simon his brother, and all that were with him, perceiving that, fled into the wilderness of Thecoe, and pitched their tents by the water of the pool Asphar.
34 Which when Bacchides understood, he came near to Jordan with all his host upon the sabbath day.
35 Now Jonathan had sent his brother John, a captain of the people, to pray his friends the Nabathites, that they might leave with them their carriage, which was much.
36 But the children of Jambri came out of Medaba, and took John, and all that he had, and went their way with it.
37 After this came word to Jonathan and Simon his brother, that the children of Jambri made a great marriage, and were bringing the bride from Nadabatha with a great train, as being the daughter of one of the great princes of Chanaan.
38 Therefore they remembered John their brother, and went up, and hid themselves under the covert of the mountain:
39 Where they lifted up their eyes, and looked, and, behold, there was much ado and great carriage: and the bridegroom came forth, and his friends and brethren, to meet them with drums, and instruments of musick, and many weapons.
40 Then Jonathan and they that were with him rose up against them from the place where they lay in ambush, and made a slaughter of them in such sort, as many fell down dead, and the remnant fled into the mountain, and they took all their spoils.
41 Thus was the marriage turned into mourning, and the noise of their melody into lamentation.
42 So when they had avenged fully the blood of their brother, they turned again to the marsh of Jordan.
43 Now when Bacchides heard hereof, he came on the sabbath day unto the banks of Jordan with a great power.
44 Then Jonathan said to his company, Let us go up now and fight for our lives, for it standeth not with us to day, as in time past:
45 For, behold, the battle is before us and behind us, and the water of Jordan on this side and that side, the marsh likewise and wood, neither is there place for us to turn aside.
46 Wherefore cry ye now unto heaven, that ye may be delivered from the hand of your enemies.
47 With that they joined battle, and Jonathan stretched forth his hand to smite Bacchides, but he turned back from him.
48 Then Jonathan and they that were with him leapt into Jordan, and swam over unto the other bank: howbeit the other passed not over Jordan unto them.
49 So there were slain of Bacchides’ side that day about a thousand men.
50 Afterward returned Bacchides to Jerusalem and repaired the strong cites in Judea; the fort in Jericho, and Emmaus, and Bethhoron, and Bethel, and Thamnatha, Pharathoni, and Taphon, these did he strengthen with high walls, with gates and with bars.
51 And in them he set a garrison, that they might work malice upon Israel.
52 He fortified also the city Bethsura, and Gazera, and the tower, and put forces in them, and provision of victuals.
53 Besides, he took the chief men’s sons in the country for hostages, and put them into the tower at Jerusalem to be kept.
54 Moreover in the hundred fifty and third year, in the second month, Alcimus commanded that the wall of the inner court of the sanctuary should be pulled down; he pulled down also the works of the prophets
55 And as he began to pull down, even at that time was Alcimus plagued, and his enterprises hindered: for his mouth was stopped, and he was taken with a palsy, so that he could no more speak any thing, nor give order concerning his house.
56 So Alcimus died at that time with great torment.
57 Now when Bacchides saw that Alcimus was dead, he returned to the king: whereupon the land of Judea was in rest two years.
58 Then all the ungodly men held a council, saying, Behold, Jonathan and his company are at ease, and dwell without care: now therefore we will bring Bacchides hither, who shall take them all in one night.
59 So they went and consulted with him.
60 Then removed he, and came with a great host, and sent letters privily to his adherents in Judea, that they should take Jonathan and those that were with him: howbeit they could not, because their counsel was known unto them.
61 Wherefore they took of the men of the country, that were authors of that mischief, about fifty persons, and slew them.
62 Afterward Jonathan, and Simon, and they that were with him, got them away to Bethbasi, which is in the wilderness, and they repaired the decays thereof, and made it strong.
63 Which thing when Bacchides knew, he gathered together all his host, and sent word to them that were of Judea.
64 Then went he and laid siege against Bethbasi; and they fought against it a long season and made engines of war.
65 But Jonathan left his brother Simon in the city, and went forth himself into the country, and with a certain number went he forth.
66 And he smote Odonarkes and his brethren, and the children of Phasiron in their tent.
67 And when he began to smite them, and came up with his forces, Simon and his company went out of the city, and burned up the engines of war,
68 And fought against Bacchides, who was discomfited by them, and they afflicted him sore: for his counsel and travail was in vain.
69 Wherefore he was very wroth at the wicked men that gave him counsel to come into the country, inasmuch as he slew many of them, and purposed to return into his own country.
70 Whereof when Jonathan had knowledge, he sent ambassadors unto him, to the end he should make peace with him, and deliver them the prisoners.
71 Which thing he accepted, and did according to his demands, and sware unto him that he would never do him harm all the days of his life.
72 When therefore he had restored unto him the prisoners that he had taken aforetime out of the land of Judea, he returned and went his way into his own land, neither came he any more into their borders.
73 Thus the sword ceased from Israel: but Jonathan dwelt at Machmas, and began to govern the people; and he destroyed the ungodly men out of Israel.

1 Maccabees 9 KJVA


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