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Update 6155 Newsletter

photo: Sunset, moon set in Jerusalem, 3/29/2017.

I appreciate being able to give you updates on a personal level rather than by newsletter. This is in line with personal accountability to you ‘helpers for the truth’ [3 John 1.8].

I want to commemorate the final day of the Biblical Year [6155] which ends with this evening’s sunset and the first appearance of the New Moon. This is a Divine Appointment as outlined in Scripture. Ask, seek, knock according to His Instruction.

In 10 days we remember Christ JESUS’ final entry into Jerusalem. 5 days later He was crucified as had been written by the Prophets and Psalms in line with the Teaching [Torah] He revealed to Moses. Three days later He arose again from the grave on the Sabbath Day.

This general e-mail only highlights the major changes hereon.

The health issue I will not cover here. But in short, it has motivated me to slow and cut back outreach activity for the time being.

I am still focusing on prayer and daily publishing/teaching online, as well as the street ministry. Other associations have been cut back drastically.

You may reply to this e-mail with any questions of the work here.

Christ JESUS is LORD, the very Presence of GOD our Father which is in Heaven,


Please reply "Lamp" if you read this. Thank you!

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