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Besorot 6 ‘Then shall be seen the standard of the Son of man in heaven’


The Preaching Of Mathai The Apostle – Chapter 21 – 24


LIII. 21:1

AND when he drew nigh to Urishlem, and had come to Beth-phage, at the mount of Olives, Jeshu sent two of his disciples, and said to them,

Go to this village which is over against you, and you shall at once find an ass tied, and her colt with her; loose and bring (them) to me.

And if any one say ought to you, say to him that it is requested for our Lord, and immediately he will send them hither.

But all this was done that there should be fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet, who said,

Tell you the daughter of Tsheum, Behold, thy king cometh to thee, lowly, and riding on an ass, and on a colt the foal of an ass.

Then the disciples went, and did as Jeshu had commanded them; and brought the ass and the colt, and laid upon the colt their clothes, and Jeshu rode upon him.

And many of the crowds spread their vestments in the way; and others cut down branches from the trees, and strewed them in the way.

But the throngs who went before him, and came after him, cried out and said,

Ushana to the son of David ! blessed be He who cometh in the name of the Lord! Ushana in the heights !

And when he had entered Urishlem, the whole city was commoved, and said,

Who is this?

But the multitude answered,

This is Jeshu, the prophet who is from Natsrath of Galila.

And Jeshu went into the temple of Aloha, and cast out all those who sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of those who sold doves; and said to them,

It is written, that my house shall the house of prayer be called, but ye have made it a den of thieves.

And there came to him in the temple the blind and the lame, and he healed them.

But when the chief priests and Pharishee saw the wondrous things which he did, and the children who were crying in the temple, and saying, Ushana to the son of David, they were displeased with them, saying to him,

Hearest thou what these say ?

Jeshu saith to them,


have ye not read, that from the mouth of children and of babes thou hast prepared praise ?

LIV. 21:17

AND he abandoned them, and went forth without the city to Bethania, and lodged there.

But in the early morn, as he returned to the city, he hungered:

and he saw a certain fig-tree in the way, and came to it, but found nothing thereon but leaves only; and he said,

Let there be no fruit upon thee again for ever.

And immediately that fig-tree withered.

And the disciples saw, and were astonished, saying,

How in a moment is the fig-tree withered !

Jeshu answered and said to them,

Amen I say to you, that if faith were in you, and you did not hesitate, 1 you should not only do (as) to this fig-tree, but also were you to say to this mountain,

Be thou lifted up and fall into the sea, it should be done.

And whatsoever you shall ask in prayer and shall believe, you shall obtain.

And when Jeshu came to the temple, the chief priests and elders of the people approached him, while he taught, saying to him,

By what authority doest thou these things, and who gave thee this authority?

Jeshu answered and said to them,

I will also ask you one word; and if you will tell me, I will also tell you by what authority I do these (things).

The baptism of Juchanon, whence is it, from heaven or from men ?

But they thought within themselves, saying,

If we shall say, From heaven, he saith to us, Why did ye not believe him?

And if we shall say, From men, we fear from the crowd; for all have regarded Juchanon as a prophet.

And they answered, saying to him,

We know not:

Jeshu saith to them,

Also I tell not you by what authority I do these (things).

LV. 21:28

BUT how doth [it] appear to you ? a certain man had two sons; and he came to the elder, and said to him,

My son, go to-day work in the vinery.

But he answered and said,

I am not willing:

yet afterwards he relented, and went.

He came to the other, and said likewise.

He answered and said, I (will), my lord; yet went not.

Which of these two did the will of his father ?

They say to him,

The elder.

Jeshu saith to them,

Amen I tell you, the tribute-takers and harlots go before you into the kingdom of Aloha.

For Juchanon came to you in the way of righteousness; and you believed him not.

But the tribute-takers and harlots believed him:

but you neither when you saw (him, nor) afterwards, repented, that you might believe him.

Hear another comparison:

A certain man was a house-lord; and he planted a vinery, and surrounded it with an hedge, and dug a wine-press in it, and built in it a tower, and had it taken by labourers, and journeyed.

And when the time of fruits drew near, he sent his servants to the husbandmen, that they might send him of the fruits of his vinery.

And the husband-men took his servants, and beat some, and stoned some, and killed others.

And again he sent other servants more than the first, and they acted towards them likewise:

last, he sent to them his son, saying,

Now will they be ashamed from my son.

But the husbandmen, when they saw the son, said among themselves,

This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and take the inheritance.

And they seized and cast him without the vinery, and killed him.

When the lord of the vinery, therefore, cometh, what will he do to these husbandmen ?

They say to him,

Most miserably will he destroy them, and the vinery will he cause to be held by other labourers, (even) such as will give him the fruits in their seasons.

Jeshu saith to them,

Have you not read in the scripture, that the stone which the builders rejected, this is become the head of the corner ?

By the Lord was this done, and it is wondrous in our eyes.

On this account I tell you, that the kingdom of Aloha is taken from you, and shall be given to a people who will yield fruits.

And whosoever shall fall upon this stone shall be broken; but every one upon whom it shall fall, it will scatter (him).

And when the chief priests and Pharishee heard his comparisons, they knew that concerning themselves he had spoken.

And they sought to apprehend him, but feared the people, because as a prophet they regarded him.

1 Were not divided; that is, in mind.

The Preaching Of Mathai The Apostle – Chapter 22


LVI. 22:1

AND Jeshu answered again by comparisons, and said,

The kingdom of heaven resembles a royal person who made a feast to his son; and he sent his servants to call the invited ones to the feast, but they were not willing to come.

And again he sent other servants, and said,

Tell the invited ones,

Behold, my dinner is prepared, my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready; come to the feast.

But they despised (it), and went, one to his domain, and another to his business.

But the rest took his servants and shamefully treated and killed (them).

But when the king heard, he was wroth; and sent his forces and destroyed those murderers, and burned their city.

Then said he to his servants,

The feast is prepared, and those who were invited were not worthy.

Go therefore into the outlets of the highways, and every one whom you find call to the feast.

And those servants went forth into the highways, and assembled all whom they found, the bad and the good; and the place of feasting was filled with guests, 2

And the king entered to see the guests, 2 and he saw there a man who was not dressed in the garments of a festival.

And he said to him,

My friend, how didst thou enter here, when thou hast not the vestments of the feast ?

But he was silent.

Then said the king unto the servitors,

Bind his hands and his feet, and cast him forth into the darknesses without:

there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

For many are the called, but few the chosen.

2 Recliners.

LVII. 22:15

THEN went the Pharishee and took counsel how they might ensnare him in discourse.

And they sent to him their disciples with (certain) of the household of Herodes, saying to him,

Doctor, we know that thou art resolutely true, and (that) the way of Aloha in truth thou teachest; neither carriest thou fear for man, for thou acceptest not the person of men.3

Tell us then, how doth it appear to thee ? is it lawful to give head-money 4 unto Cesar or not?

But Jeshu knew their malice, and said,

Why do you tempt me, you hypocrites ?

Show me the denarius of the head-silver.

And they presented to him a denarius.

And Jeshu said to them,

Whose are this image and inscription ?

They say, Cesar’s.

He saith to them,

Give then (the things) of Cesar unto Cesar, and (the things) of Aloha unto Aloha.

And when they heard, they wondered, and left him, and went.

LVIII. 22:23

IN that (same) day came the Zadukoyee, affirming to him, (that) there is no life for the dead.

And they questioned him, saying to him,

Doctor, Musha has said to us that if a man die having no children, his brother shall take his wife and raise up seed unto his brother.

But there were with us seven brethren:

the eldest (of whom) took a wife, and died.

And because he had no children, he left his wife unto his brother.

So also did he who was second, and he who was the third, and unto the seventh of them.

But the last of all the woman also is dead.

In the resurrection, therefore, of whom from these seven shall she be the wife ? for all had taken her.

Jeshu answered and said to them,

You do err, because you understand not the scriptures nor the power of Aloha.

For in the resurrection of the dead, they take not wives, neither are wives [united] to husbands; but as the angels of Aloha in heaven are they.

But concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read that which has been spoken to you by Aloha, who said, I am the God of Abraham, the God of Is’hok, the God of Jakub ?

But Aloha is not of those who are dead, but of those who are alive.

And when the multitudes heard, they were wonder-struck at his doctrine.

LIX. 22:34

BUT when the Pharishee heard that he had silenced the Zadukoyee, they gathered together.

And one from them, who was skilful in the law, questioned him, tempting him,

Doctor, which commandment is greatest in the law?

Jeshu said to him,

Thou shalt love the Lord thy Aloha with 5 all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.

This is the commandment, the great and the first.

And the second is like unto it, That thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

On these two commandments hang the law and the prophets.

While the Pharishee were gathered together, Jeshu questioned them, and said,

What say you concerning the Meshicha,

-whose son [is he] ?

They say to him,

Son of David.

Saith he to them,

And how doth David in spirit call him THE LORD [yhwh – the Eternal One] ?

For he said, that the Lord [yhwh] said unto my Lord,

Sit thou at my right hand until I put thine adversaries beneath thy feet.

If, then, David calleth him the Lord [yhwh], how is he his son ?

And no man could give to him the answer; nor did any man dare again from that day to question him.

3 Faces of men.

4 Head-silver.

5 Or, from all, &c.

The Preaching Of Mathai The Apostle – Chapter 23


Then Jeshu discoursed with the multitudes and with his disciples, and said to them,

Upon the chair of Musha sit the scribes and the Pharishee.

Every thing, therefore, which they tell you to observe, observe and do; but after their practices do not act; for they say, and do not.

And they bind heavy burdens, and lay them on the shoulders of men, but they [themselves] with their fingers are not willing to touch them.

And all their works they do that they may be seen of men; for they widen their tephillin,6 and lengthen the fringes of their waving vestments,7 and love the chief reclining-places at evening feasts, and the highest seats in synagogues, and the shaloma in public places, and to be called of men Râbi.8

But be you not called Râbi:

for One is your Master; but all ye are brethren.

And call no man Abâ 9 to you upon earth:

for One is your Father, who is in heaven.

Neither be ye called Medabronee : 1 for One is your Guide,

-the Meshicha.

But he who is great among you, let him be your servitor.

For whosoever will exalt himself shall be humbled; and whosoever will abase himself shall be exalted.

LX. 23:13

WOE to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! because you devour the houses of widows, with the pretext of prolonging your prayers; on account of which you shall receive the greater judgment.

Woe to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! because you hold the kingdom of heaven closed before the children of men; for you will not enter in yourselves, and them who are entering you will not permit to enter.

Woe to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! because you go over sea and dry (land) to make one proselyte; and when you have done it, you make him doubly more a son of gihana than yourselves.

Woe to you, ye blind guides, who say, That [to him] who sweareth by the temple, it is nothing; but if he swear by the gold which is in the temple, he is liable !

You senseless and blind ! for which is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?

And (that) whoever sweareth by the altar, it is nothing; but [if] he swear by the oblation which is upon it, he is liable.

You foolish and sightless ! for which is greater, the oblation, or the altar that sanctifieth the oblation ?

He therefore who sweareth by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all things that are upon it.

And he who sweareth by the temple, sweareth by it, and by whatever abideth in it.

And whosoever sweareth by heaven, sweareth by the throne of Aloha, and by Him who sitteth thereon.

Woe to you, scribes, Pharishee, hypocrites ! because you tithe mint, dill, and cummin, and omit the more grave [requirements] of the law,-justice, benignity, and faithfulness.

For these you should have done, and those not omitted.

You blind guides, who strain out gnats and swallow camels.

Woe to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! who cleanse the outside of the cup and dish (which) within are full of rapine and injustice.

Sightless Pharishee ! cleanse first the inside of the cup and the dish, that their outside also may be clean.

Woe to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! for you are like whited sepulchres, which without appear beautiful, but within are full of the bones of the dead and all impurity.

So you also from without appear to the sons of men as righteous, but within you are full of unrighteousness and hypocrisy.

LXI. 23:29

WOE to you, scribes and Pharishee, hypocrites ! because you rebuild the tombs of the prophets and beautify the sepulchres of the just; and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been with them partakers in the blood of the prophets:

thus bearing witness against yourselves, that you are the sons of them who killed the prophets.

And you also,-complete the measure of your fathers.

Serpents, birth of vipers ! how will you escape from the judgment of gihana ?

On this account, behold, I send to you prophets, and wise men, and scribes; (some) of these you shall kill and crucify; and (some) of these you shall scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city.

So that there shall come upon you all the blood of the just which hath been shed upon the earth; from the blood of Habil the righteous, unto the blood of Zakaria-bar-Barakia, whom you slew between the temple and the altar.

Amen I say unto you, that all these shall come upon this generation.

Urishlem, Urishlem ! who killest the prophets, and stonest them who are sent unto her, what times would I have gathered thy children, as gathereth the hen her young ones beneath her wings, and you would not !

Lo, your house is left unto you desolate.

For I say unto you, That you shall not see me from henceforth, until you shall say,

Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord.

6 Phylakteries; called as above, from the Chaldee tephilla, " prayer." For their formation and uses, see the commentators.

7 Martuto; vestis tremula: from the Chaldee rethath, tremuit.

8 My Master.

9 Father.

1 Guides.

The Preaching Of Mathai The Apostle – Chapter 24


LXII. 24:1

AND Jeshu went forth from the temple to depart:

and his disciples approached him, showing him the building of the temple.

But he said to them,

See you not all these ?

Amen I say to you,

There shall not be left here a stone upon a stone which shall not be destroyed.

And while Jeshu sat upon the mount of Olives, his disciples drew near and said between themselves and him,

Tell us when these things shall be; and what is the sign of thy coming and of the consummation of the world.

Jeshu answered and said to them,

Beware that no man cause you to err; for many will come in my name and will say, I am the Meshicha; and many will be deceived.

But it will be for you to hear [of] wars and the noise of battles; (yet) see that you be not perturbed; for all these will take place, but not yet is the end.

For people will rise against people, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and plagues, and earthquakes in various places.

But these are all the beginning of sorrows.

Then shall they deliver you to affliction, and shall kill you; and you shall be hated of all peoples on account of my name.

Then shall many be offended, and shall hate one another, and betray one another.

And many lying prophets shall stand up, and shall delude the multitudes.

And because of the abounding of iniquity, the love of many will languish.

But he who shall persevere unto the end,

-he shall live.

And this annunciation of the kingdom shall be proclaimed in the whole world as a testimony for all nations; and then will come the end.

But when you see the unclean sign of desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, that it standeth in the holy place;

-he who readeth let him understand !

-then let those who are in Jehud escape to the mountain.

And let not him who is on the roof descend to take what [is in] his house; nor he who is in the field turn back to take his vestment.

But woe to those who are with child, and to those who give suck in those days !

But pray that your flight may not be in the winter, nor on the shabath.

For then shall be the great affliction, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be (again).

And unless those days be cut short, none could live of all flesh:

but on account of the chosen those days shall be cut short.

Then if any one shall say to you, Lo, here is the Meshicha, or there; believe them not.

For there shall arise false Meshichas and prophets of untruth; and they shall give forth magnificent signs, so as to seduce, if possible, the chosen also.

If therefore they shall say to you, (observe ! I have told you before,) Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth:

or, Behold, he is in the inner chamber; believe not.

As the lightning cometh forth from the east, and is seen unto the west, so shall be the advent of the Son of man.

But where the body shall be, there will be assembled the eagles.

But immediately after the affliction of those days, the sun will become dark, and the moon show not her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven be commoved.

And then shall be seen the standard of the Son of man in heaven, and then all the generations of the earth 2 shall wail, and they shall see the Son of man coming upon the clouds of heaven, with great power and glory.

And he shall send his angels with the great trumpet, and they shall gather the chosen who are his from the four winds and from the ends of heaven. 3

But from the fig-tree learn a parable:

As soon as her branches are soft, and they put forth her leaves, you know that summer draweth nigh.

So also, when all these are seen, you know that it cometh to the door.

Amen I say to you, that this race 4 shall not have passed away until all these shall take place.

Heaven and earth shall pass away; but my words shall not pass away.

LXIII. 24:36

BUT concerning that day and concerning that hour, no man knoweth; neither the angels of heaven, but the Father only.

But as the days of Nûch, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.

For as before the deluge they were eating and drinking, taking wives and giving to husbands, until the day that Nûch went into the ark; and knew not till the deluge came, and carried them all away; so shalt be the advent of the Son of man.

Then two shall be in the field; one shall be taken, and one be left.

Two shall be grinding in the mill; one is taken, and one is left.

Be wakeful therefore, because ye know not in what hour cometh your Lord.

But this know; that if the master of the house knew in what watch the thief would come, he would have been watching, and not have suffered his house to be broken through.

Wherefore be ye also prepared, because in the hour that ye expect not shall come the Son of man.

LXIV. 24:45

WHO is the servant faithful and wise whom his lord shall appoint over the children of his house, to give every one his meat in his time ?

Blessed is that servant, who, when cometh his lord, shall be found doing so.

Amen I say to you, that he will establish him over all that he hath.

But if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord withholdeth to come; and shall begin to beat his fellow-servants, and shall be eating and drinking with drunkards; the lord of that servant shall come in a day that he computeth not, and in an hour which he doth not know, and shall sunder him, and set his lot with the hypocrites.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

2 Or, tribes of the land.

3 From the extremity of the heavens to their extremity.

4 Sharebtha, " tribe, people, nation."


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