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Bible4/Revelation16 “The great river Euphrates and its waters dried up”

Revelation 16:1 – And I heard a voice, which said to the seven angels:
Go forth, and pour those seven cups of the wrath of God upon the earth.
Revelation 16:2 – And the first went, and poured his cup upon the earth;
and there was a malignant and painful ulcer upon those men who had the mark of the beast of prey, and who worshipped its image.
Revelation 16:3 – And the second angel poured his cup upon the sea;
and it became blood, like that of a dead person;
and every living soul of things in the sea, died.
Revelation 16:4 – And the third angel poured his cup upon the rivers and the fountains of water;
and they became blood.
Revelation 16:5 – And I heard the angel of the waters say:
Righteous art thou, who art and who wast, and art holy;
because thou hast done this judgment.
Revelation 16:6 – For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets;
and thou hast given them blood to drink, for they deserve it.
Revelation 16:7 – And I heard [one from] the altar say:
Yes, Lord God Almighty:
true and righteous is thy judgment.
Revelation 16:8 – And the fourth poured his cup upon the sun:
and it was permitted him, to scorch men with fire.
Revelation 16:9 – And men were scorched with great heat;
and men blasphemed the name of God, who hath authority over these plagues;
and they repented not, to give glory to him.
Revelation 16:10 – And the fifth poured his cup on the throne of the beast of prey;
and his kingdom became darkness;
and they gnawed their tongues, from pain;
Revelation 16:11 – and they blasphemed the God of heaven, on account of their pains and their ulcers, and did not repent of their deeds.
Revelation 16:12 – And the sixth poured his cup upon the great river Euphrates;
and its waters dried up, so that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun.
Revelation 16:13 – And I saw [issuing] from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the beast of prey, and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs:
Revelation 16:14 – (for they are the spirits of demons, who work prodigies;)
and they go forth to all the kings of all the habitable world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.
Revelation 16:15 – (And lo, I come as a thief.
Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments;
lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.)
Revelation 16:16 – And they collected them together in a place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon.
Revelation 16:17 – And the seventh poured his cup on the air;
and there issued a loud voice from the temple, from the throne, which said:
It is done!
Revelation 16:18 – And there were lightnings, and thunders, and voices;
and there was a great earthquake, the like of which there was never, since men were on the earth, such an earthquake, and so great.
Revelation 16:19 – And the great city became three parts.
And the city of the nations fell;
and Babylon the great was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the heat of his wrath.
Revelation 16:20 – And every island fled away;
and the mountains were not found.
Revelation 16:21 – And a great hail, as it were of a talent weight, fell from heaven upon men:
and the men blasphemed God, on account of the plague of hail;
for the plague of it was very great.


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