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Talmidim Readings for Day 13 Apostolic Midrash

Acts 25:1 – And when Festos came to Cesarea, after three days he went up to Urishlem.
Ac 25:2

Acts 25:2 – And the chief priest and elders showed him concerning Paulos, and besought from him,
Ac 25:3

Acts 25:3 – asking of him this favour, that he would bring him to Urishlem, while they would act treacherously in the way by killing him.
Ac 25:4

Acts 25:4 – And Festos returned the word, That Paulos was kept in Cesarea, and I am hastening to proceed;
Ac 25:5

Acts 25:5 – let those therefore of you who are able, go down with us, and accuse him of whatever guilt there is in the man.
Ac 25:6

Acts 25:6 – And when he had been there eight days or ten, he went down to Cesarea. And the day after he sat on the tribunal, and commanded to bring Paulos.
Ac 25:7

Acts 25:7 – And when he had come, the Jihudoyee who had come down from Urishlem surrounded him, and accusations many and hard brought against him, which they were not able to prove;
Ac 25:8

Acts 25:8 – while Paulos put forth the mind, that he had not offended in any thing, neither against the law of the Jihudoyee, nor against the temple, nor against Caesar.
Ac 25:9

Acts 25:9 – But Festos, because he willed to accord a favour to the Jihudoyee, said to Paulos, Art thou willing to go up to Urishlem, and there concerning these things to be judged before me ?
Ac 25:10

Acts 25:10 – Paulos answered, and said, At the tribunal of Caesar stand I. There it is right for me to be judged. Not any thing have I transgressed against the Jihudoyee, as also thou knowest;
Ac 25:11

Acts 25:11 – and if a crime I have committed, or any thing worthy of death, I ask not (to be exempted) from death. But, if there be nothing in me of which these accuse me, no man shall give me to them as a gift. I invoke the appeals of Caesar.
Ac 25:12

Acts 25:12 – Then Festos, having spoken with the sons of his council, said, The appeals of Caesar hast thou invoked? To Caesar goest thou.
Ac 25:13

Acts 25:13 – AND when days had been, Agripos the king and Bernike came down to Cesarea to salute [To wish the peace of.] Festos.
Ac 25:14

Acts 25:14 – And when they had been with him (some) days, Festos recounted to the king the judgment [Or, cause.] of Paulos, saying, A certain man has been left bound by Felix;
Ac 25:15

Acts 25:15 – and when I was at Urishlem, the chief priests and elders of the Jihudoyee informed me against him, and begged that I would do for them judgment against him.
Ac 25:16

Acts 25:16 – And I told them, it was not the custom of the Romans to give any man as a gift to be killed, until his adversaries have come and accused him to his face, and there be given him place to defend himself against that of which he is accused.
Ac 25:17

Acts 25:17 – And when I had come hither, without delay, the day after I sat on the tribunal, and commanded to bring the man to me.
Ac 25:18

Acts 25:18 – And his accusers stood up with him, but could not find any evil accusation to prove against him, (such) as I had expected,
Ac 25:19

Acts 25:19 – but (had) various questions with him regarding their worship, and concerning Jeshu, a man who was dead, of whom Paulos said that he was alive.
Ac 25:20

Acts 25:20 – And because I stood not [Or, have not been constituted for.] upon the investigation of these (matters), I said to Paulos, Dost thou require to go to Urishlem, and there be judged concerning these?
Ac 25:21

Acts 25:21 – But he required to be kept unto the judgment of Caesar; and I commanded that he should be kept until I may send him to Caesar.
Ac 25:22

Acts 25:22 – And Agripos said, I would hear this man. And Festos said, To-morrow thou shalt hear him.
Ac 25:23

Acts 25:23 – And the day after came Agripos and Bernike with great pomp, and entered the house of judgment, with the tribunes and the chiefs of the city. And Festos commanded, and Paulos came.
Ac 25:24

Acts 25:24 – And Festos said, King Agripos, and all men who are with us, concerning this man whom you see have all the people of the Jihudoyee taken me at Urishlem and here, crying, that This ought not further to live;
Ac 25:25

Acts 25:25 – but I perceived not that he had done any thing worthy of death. And because he required to be reserved for the judgment of Caesar, I have commanded that he should be sent.
Ac 25:26

Acts 25:26 – But (as) I know not what to write of him unto Caesar, therefore have I willed to bring him before you, and especially before thee, king Agripos, that, having inquired into his case, I may find what to write.
Ac 25:27

Acts 25:27 – For it is not fit when we send a man bound, not to record his transgression.

Acts 26:1 – And Agripos said to Paulos, It is permitted thee to speak for thyself. Then Paulos stretched forth his hand and made defence, and said,
Ac 26:2

Acts 26:2 – Of all that I am accused by the Jihudoyee, king Agripos, I consider myself happy, that before you I (have to) make defence.
Ac 26:3

Acts 26:3 – Especially because I know that you are conversant with all questions and laws of the Jihudoyee; therefore, I pray you with patient mind to hear me.
Ac 26:4

Acts 26:4 – For the Jihudoyee themselves-if they would testify-know my manners from my youth, which were mine from the beginning among my people at Urishlem;
Ac 26:5

Acts 26:5 – because they of a long time were assured of me, and they know that in the high doctrine of the Pharishee I lived.
Ac 26:6

Acts 26:6 – And now, concerning the hope of the promise that was made to our fathers by Aloha, stand I, and am judged.
Ac 26:7

Acts 26:7 – And for this hope (to which) our twelve tribes, with diligent prayers by day and night, are expecting to come, for this very hope am I accused by the Jihudoyee, king Agripos!
Ac 26:8

Acts 26:8 – What judge you; ought we not to believe that Aloha will raise the dead ?
Ac 26:9

Acts 26:9 – For I, at the first, proposed in my mind to do many things against the name of Jeshu Natsroya.
Ac 26:10

Acts 26:10 – This I also did in Urishlem. And many holy ones I cast into the house of the bound, by the authority which I had received from the great priests; and when they were killed by them, I participated with those who condemned them.
Ac 26:11

Acts 26:11 – And in every synagogue I was furious against them, while I constrained them to blaspheme the name of Jeshu; and, being filled with great wrath against them, I went forth unto other cities also to persecute them.
Ac 26:12

Acts 26:12 – And while going on this account to Darmsuk, with authority and permission from the great priests,
Ac 26:13

Acts 26:13 – at the dividing of the day, in the way, I saw from heaven, O king, shining upon me and upon all who were with me, a light which (was) more excellent than the sun.
Ac 26:14

Acts 26:14 – And we fell all of us upon the earth; and I heard a voice that said to me in Hebrew, Shaol, Shaol, why persecutest thou me ? [Shaol, Shaol, mono rodeph ath li ?] It is hard to thee to kick against the pricks !
Ac 26:15

Acts 26:15 – And I said, Who art thou, my Lord ? And he said, I am Jeshu Natsroya, whom thou persecutest.
Ac 26:16

Acts 26:16 – And he said to me, Stand upon thy feet, because for this I have appeared to thee, to appoint thee a minister and witness of that (for) which thou hast seen me, and (for) which thou shalt see me.
Ac 26:17

Acts 26:17 – And I will deliver thee from the people of the Jihudoyee, and from the other nations to whom I send thee,
Ac 26:18

Acts 26:18 – to open their eyes, that they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto Aloha, and receive the forgiveness of sins, and a lot with the saints through faith, which (is) in me.
Ac 26:19

Acts 26:19 – Wherefore, king Agripos, I withstood not with perversity the heavenly vision,
Ac 26:20

Acts 26:20 – but preached, at first to them who were in Darmsuk, and to them who were at Urishlem, and in all the districts of Jihud, and also to the Gentiles have I preached, that they should repent, and turn to Aloha, and do works worthy of repentance.
Ac 26:21

Acts 26:21 – And for these things the Jihudoyee seized me in the temple, and would have killed me;
Ac 26:22

Acts 26:22 – but Aloha hath helped me until this day; and, behold, I stand and testify to the small and to the great, yet nothing beyond Musha and the prophets do I speak, but those things which they said should come to pass;
Ac 26:23

Acts 26:23 – that the Meshiha should suffer, and should be the chief of the resurrection from the house of the dead, and should preach light to the people and to the nations.
Ac 26:24

Acts 26:24 – AND as Paulos was thus making defence, Festos cried with a high voice, Thou art mad, Paulos; much learning [Or, many books.] hath made thee mad !
Ac 26:25

Acts 26:25 – Paulos said to him, I am not mad, victorious Festos, but words of truth and righteousness I speak.
Ac 26:26

Acts 26:26 – And king Agripos also, especially, knoweth concerning these things; and therefore speak I with openness before him; because not one of these things I think have been hidden from him; for they were not done in secrecy.
Ac 26:27

Acts 26:27 – Believest thou, king Agripos, the prophets? I know that thou believest.
Ac 26:28

Acts 26:28 – King Agripos said to him, (Within) a little thou persuadest me to become a Christian.
Ac 26:29

Acts 26:29 – And Paulos said, I would from Aloha that in little and in much, not only thou, but also all who hear me to-day, were as I am, except these bonds.
Ac 26:30

Acts 26:30 – And the king arose, and the governor, and Bernike, and those who sat with them:
Ac 26:31

Acts 26:31 – and when they were removed thence they spake one with another, and said, Nothing that is worthy of death or of bonds hath this man done.
Ac 26:32

Acts 26:32 – And Agripos said to Festos, This man could have been dismissed, if he had not called the appeal of Caesar.


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