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Readings for Day 19: Apostolic Writings “Thou performest what thou doest”

3 John – 1:1 – THE presbyter unto Gaios my beloved, whom I love in truth.

3John 1:2 – Our beloved, in all things I pray for thee, that thou mayest prosper and be healthful, even as thy soul prospereth.

3John 1:3 – For I have rejoiced greatly when the brethren have come, and have testified concerning thy integrity, even as in the truth thou walkest.

3John 1:4 – And greater joy than this I have not (than) when I hear that my sons walk in the truth.

3John 1:5 – Our beloved, in faithfulness thou performest what thou doest unto the brethren, and especially to those who are strangers,

3John 1:6 – who have testified of thy charity, before all the community, to whom thou hast done well according to that which is worthy of Aloha.

3John 1:7 – For after his name they went forth, taking nothing from the Gentiles.

3John 1:8 – We therefore ought to receive such, that we may be helpers of the truth.

3John 1:9 – I would have written to the community;
but he who loveth to be foremost [Kadmoyo.] of you, Diotrapas, receiveth us not.

3John 1:10 – On account of this, if I come, I will remember the works which he doeth, who words of evil maketh concerning us;
and these not satisfying him, he hath not received the brethren, and those who receive he forbiddeth, and also expelleth from the community.

3John 1:11 – Our beloved, be not imitative of the evil, but of the good.
He who doeth good is of Aloha, and he who doeth evil hath not seen Aloha.

3John 1:12 – Concerning Demetrios is a testimony from every man, and from the community, and from the truth itself.
But we also bear witness, and you know that our testimony is true.

3John 1:13 – I have many things which I would write to thee, but I will not with ink and reed write to thee.

3John 1:14 – But I hope that soon I shall see thee, and mouth to mouth we will speak.

3John 1:15 – Peace be with thee.
The friends ask thy peace.
Ask the peace of the friends each by his name.


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