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“Rising up I will arise”
Psalms Chapter 18
1 For the Leader.
[A Psalm] for David the servant of THE ETERNAL ONE, {N}
who said for THE ETERNAL ONE these words of the song {N}
in the day that THE ETERNAL ONE delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul;

2 And he spoke:
I love thee, ETERNAL ONE, My strength.
3 THE ETERNAL ONE is My rock, and My fortress, and My deliverer; {N}
My Mighty One, My rock, in Him I take refuge; My shield, and My horn, My Yeshua, My high tower. 4 From raving I will cry, O ETERNAL ONE, and I will be saved from Mine enemy. 5 The cords of Death will encompass Me, and the floods of Belial will assail Me. 6 The cords of Sheol will surround Me; the snares of Death meet Me.
7 From My distress I will call upon THE ETERNAL ONE, and cry unto My Mighty One; {N}
out of His temple He will hear My voice, and My cry will come before Him unto His ears.
8 Then the earth did will shake and will quake, and the foundations also of the mountains will tremble; {N} they will shake, because of His anger.
9 Smoke ascended in His nostrils, and fire out of His mouth will devour; {N} coals flamed forth from Him.
10 and bend the heavens, and will come down; and thick darkness under His feet.
11 And He will ride upon a cherub, and will fly; and will swoop down upon the wings of the wind. 12 He will place darkness His cover, His pavilion round about Him; {N} darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies.
13 From the brilliance before Him, a darkness covers hailstones and coals of fire.
14 and agitation in the heavens, THE ETERNAL ONE, and the Most High will give His voice, and hailstones and coals of fire.
15 And He will send out His arrows, and will scatter them; and He will shoot forth lightnings, and discomfit them.
16 And the channels of waters will appear, and the foundations of the world will be laid bare, {N} at Thy rebuke, O ETERNAL ONE, at the blast of the breath of Thy nostrils.
17 He will send from on high, He will take Me; He will draw Me out of many waters.
18 He will deliver Me from Mine enemy most strong, and from them that hated Me, because they were too mighty from Me.
19 They will confront Me in the day of My calamity; and THE ETERNAL ONE will be a stay unto Me.
20 He will go out for Me for freedom; He will deliver Me, because He delights in Me.
21 THE ETERNAL ONE will reward Me according to My righteousness; according to the cleanness of My hands will He recompense Me.
22 Because I have kept the paths of THE ETERNAL ONE, and have not wickedly departed from My Mighty One.
23 Because all His Verdicts were before Me, and I put not away His Customs from Me. 24 And I was entirely open with Him, and I kept myself from My perversity.
25 And THE ETERNAL ONE recompensed Me according to My righteousness, according to the cleanness of My hands in His eyes.
26 With the loyal Thou dost show Thyself loyal, with the upright man Thou dost show Thyself upright;
27 With the pure Thou dost show Thyself pure; and with the crooked Thou dost show Thyself struggling.
28 Because Thou dost save the afflicted people; and the haughty eyes Thou dost humble.
29 Because Thou dost light My lamp; THE ETERNAL ONE My Mighty One doth lighten My darkness. 30 Because by Thee I run upon a troop; and by My Mighty One do I scale a wall. 31 As for The Mighty One, His way is complete; {N}
the speech of THE ETERNAL ONE is tried; He is a shield unto all them that take refuge in Him. 32 Because who is The Mighty One, save THE ETERNAL ONE?
And who is a Rock, except our Mighty One?
33 The Mighty One that girdeth Me with strength, and maketh My way straight; 34 Making My feet like hinds’, and setteth Me upon My high places; 35 Training My hands for war, so that Mine arms do bend a bow of copper.
36 Thou hast also given Me Thy shield, Yeshua, and Thy right hand hath holden Me up; and Thy condescension hath made Me great. 37 Thou hast enlarged My steps under Me, and My feet have not slipped.
38 I will pursue Mine enemies, and will overtaken them; and not will I turn back till they are consumed.
39 I will smite them through, and they will not be able to rise; they will fall under My feet.
40 And Thou will gird Me with strength unto the battle; Thou will subdue under Me those that rose up against Me.
41 And Thou will also give Mine enemies for Me, and I will cut off them that hate Me.
42 They will cry, and there will be no savior, upon THE ETERNAL ONE, but He will answer them not.
43 And I will beat them small as the dust before the wind; I will cast them out as the mire of the streets.
44 Thou will deliver Me from the contentions of the people; Thou will put for the head of the gatherings; a people whom I have not known will serve Me.
45 For they will hear, they will obey for Me; the sons a stranger will dwindle for Me.
46 The sons of the stranger will fade away, and will come trembling out of their close places.
47 THE ETERNAL ONE liveth, and I worship My Rock; and exalt The Mighty One, My Yeshua; 48 The Mighty One executing vengeance for Me, and will subdue peoples under Me.
49 Escaping from Mine enemies; arising from rising up I will arise from a violent man Thou will deliver Me.
50 Upon so, I will give thanks unto Thee, ETERNAL ONE, in the gatherings, and will sing praises for rejoicing in Thee. 51 From a great Deliverance, His king; {N}
and He shows loyalty for His anointed, for David and to his seed until eternity. {P}