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The Work

Our Daily Work consists of the following 4 exercises: Help, Pray, Fast, Give

  1. As Christ JESUS taught us, we Help. Works of charity, as He prescribed in Matthew Chapter 5.
  2. Pray. Christ taught us to pray unceasingly – Matthew Chapter 6.
  3. Fast. Interceding for one another in specific needs. Matthew 6.
  4. Give. What we are given freely we distribute freely. His Command is to teach completely and thoroughly concerning what He has taught us about The Father’s work, the work of His son, and the working and power of His Spirit of holiness, His Commandments in order to live by them. Matthew Chapters 7 and 28.

To lead men to righteousness as prescribed in Scripture one labors to bring the Gospel that liberates them from the bondage of sin.

GOD came to earth in person in Christ JESUS as He promised in His initial revelation to mankind: first as spoken at Creation, written at Sinai and later fulfilled in His incarnation.

Men who commit to follow Him are promised eternal life.

As it is written, “in this manner GOD demonstrated His commitment and love for man that He gave His Only begotten son that whosoever commits to follow Him will not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16.

From this ‘new birth’ man is discipled, taught to immerse himself in understanding of [1] GOD our Father who is of Heaven, [2] His only begotten son who died on earth because of man’s sin and was raised again on the third day as Written,  [3]  His promised spirit of holiness to empower us as His witnesses, and [4] His commandments as given on Sinai and clarified by Him in person.